Embrace Opportunity: Couples Boudoir (Capturing your Passion, Love and Devotion)

Embrace Opportunity: Couples Boudoir (Capturing your Passion, Love and Devotion)

Couples Boudoir. Photographer: Dave Fournier (Squamish, BC)

There is something so liberating, so invigorating, about getting nearly naked in front of strangers and having your photo taken. There is something so powerful about baring your body and exposing a sensual side of yourself - things you normally keep incredibly private.There is something euphoric about allowing yourself to be vulnerable as you bare your body and soul to have it captured forever, in a photograph. Doing it with your husband, well now, that is an experience that will bond you and create a spark that will last for days and be reignited every time you look at your photos.

As I was straddling my husband, grabbing his belt in my hand, staring seductively into his eyes, his eyes boring back into mine, the photographer’s camera clicking in the background, I thought to myself “damn I love this man!”. Since sex wasn’t the end game, I was able to connect and focus, take my time and really pay attention to him. This was foreplay on steroids. Holding the poses, gave me time to notice how strong his arms felt as he pulled me into him, the grip of his fingers as he grabbed my sides and their tenderness when he caressed my back. The energy between us was intense and thick with love and desire. I noticed how his eyes went yellow, his pupils shrinking to intense pinpoints of passion. He smelled incredible. His skin, so smooth from a fresh shave, felt hot against my skin. I am a blessed woman.

I have had the pleasure of posing for a Boudoir shoot solo before. It was an entirely similar and yet completely different experience posing with my husband. My solo session was all about me - making me feel glamorous, sexy, powerful. It was about my body - showing the beauty in its strength and equally, in its flaws. It was about my confidence, my sensuality. My solo Boudoir session was a celebration of me. The Boudoir session with my husband was about us - our individual beauty and sensuality and how they combine together to create a relationship even more breath-taking.

Boudoir with my husband still gave me the extreme boost in confidence. I still felt the power of my sensuality, the beauty in my body and how it looks and moves. I also got to feel the power of my husband’s sexuality and renew my appreciation for his body and how it looks, feels and moves. I got to feel his appreciation for my body, his desire. We were able to connect in a way that was so powerful as it was entirely unspoken - all through the intensity in our eyes, the subtle winks and smiles, the gentle caresses and powerful holds. Our bodies and souls connected and shared, they silently spoke to each other of love and desire; of wanting. They silently spoke of their longing to entwine, to bond, to dance with each other; to feel whole through one another like two complete parts realizing they can be better together, more powerful, more full, more complete.

Boudoir is about celebration and it is about letting go. Embrace your body, every curve, every freckle, every wrinkle; love it for the joy it brings you and all that your body enables you to do. This is the celebration. If you are consumed with self-consciousness or inhibition, it will show in your photos. It requires some daring, some boldness, but if you can allow yourself to be free, to laugh, be sensual and flirty, to be yourself, then your pictures and your experience will be all the more beautiful. While I’m sure some of the post-shoot high comes from the adrenaline rush of being nearly (or fully naked) in front of a photographer you hardly know, I think much of it has to do with the thrill of confidence, the zest of celebration, the power of your sexuality. The euphoria comes from allowing yourself to be free, to bare your authentic self and revel in it’s glory. To have that captured in a photograph, to forever remind you of your own greatness, is a wonderful gift to yourself. To have that coupled with evidence of your and your partner’s intense bond and love, is an indulgence I would recommend to everyone.

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