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Holistic Coaching to Help You Create YOUR Optimal Life.

 Training Philosophy

I believe that every body is different with different needs and abilities. I love challenging clients and discovering their true potential, believing that so many people are limited because of their mindset. I provide clients with intense workouts based in functional movement, developing strength, athletic conditioning and creating well-rounded athleticism. I believe in giving your best effort every single time you step on the gym floor and demand the same commitment from my clients. I am incredibly devoted to my clients and inspire them with my passion, commitment and conviction.  I believe everyone has the capacity for greatness and work with my clients to uncover theirs. 

As a nutrition coach, I work with my clients to create an enjoyable, sustainable healthy lifestyle. Through education, habit formation and mindset coaching, I help clients establish healthy relationships with food and their bodies, and a lifestyle that supports their health, lifestyle demands and their goals. Using a wide array of tools - education, food tracking, macronutrients, recipe sourcing, habit formation, emotion tracking - I help clients to develop food habits that help them reach their desired goals and create lifelong positive habits and relationships with food and themselves.

As a mindset and lifestyle optimization coach, I strongly believes that many clients who struggle to succeed in achieving their goals do so because they have failed to address their emotional, mental and lifestyle obstacles. I work closely with my clients to overcome their limiting beliefs, fears, and emotional blockages as well as identifying and replacing inhibiting habits and lifestyle elements keeping them from reaching their true potential. By helping my clients realize their true desires, I help them achieve their authentic goals and create extraordinary lives they love.

I believe in living in alignment with your authentic self. I believe life should be pleasurable, fulfilling and meaningful. I believe we all deserve to live lives we love. I believe that the best results are achieved by seeing yourself as a whole - body, mind and spirit. I believe in freedom and in our own personal power. I believe in following your own path and listening to your intuition. I believe in the human spirit, the power of connection and the beauty of love. I believe that YOU can have your optimal life.

I believe in giving your best, whatever it may be in any particular moment. If you put in your best effort, you will get results and achieve your goals. I can’t make you do anything; you have to be committed, you have to want it bad enough. I will provide you with insights, information, skills and tools, but your success is ultimately in your hands. My clients often say I have a big heart, but I will kick your ass. I am supportive and empathetic, but I will not accept excuses or slacking. I give you my absolute best every day and I expect the same in return.


B.A. Hons Psychology, English

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Sport Conditioning Coach
ACE Functional Movement Certified
Precision Nutrition Level 1

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A little more detail you ask…

You are more than just your body, your mind, or your spirit - you are a remarkable culmination of all three elements. My coaching practice capitalizes on this belief, addressing each area to help you become healthier, happier, more fulfilled, aligned and connected.

It is my intention to inform, inspire and empower you to create your optimal life. Not the life you think you should have, or the life you are conditioned to believe you want, but the life you truly desire - the life that is most aligned with your true self, your values and deepest desires. I believe an optimal life means being healthy and vivacious; having a positive and affirming mindset; and being able to manifest dreams, all while living on your own terms.  I am going to coach you to achieve a positive mindset, a healthy body and to create habits and a lifestyle that supports your dreams and ambitions, in a way that is meaningful and personalized to you.

When you work with me, we will work together to discover what is of highest personal importance  to you and your true desires so you can align your life to live in accordance. You will achieve a greater self-awareness to help you become more self-loving, joyful, more fulfilled and to recognize your own power to control your perception, your attitude and ultimately, your life. I will help you identify and overcome your limiting beliefs, fears and inhibiting attitudes. I will give you actionable steps and practices you can use to design a lifestyle aligned with your values, desires and ambitions. We will work to develop habits and routines that provide the structure necessary to enjoy freedoms and live a fulfilling, joyful life.

So what exactly is included? When working with me, you will receive weekly life coaching sessions where we will address your current attitudes, perceptions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back; determine your values and deepest desires; create self-awareness and foster self-love; and give you the tools you need to create a life that is pleasurable, fulfilling and aligned with your most authentic self. As a certified fitness coach and nutrition specialist, I will also provide you with ongoing support and insights into living a healthy lifestyle where you will feel great from the inside out. I offer a few different fitness and nutrition packages so you may customize to your needs. You will receive weekly action plans, giving you practical tools AND the knowledge you need to manifest your ideal life. Expect to do some work, have some honest conversations, but to also laugh and enjoy the process of becoming your best self.

Working together you will not only experience great results in the short term, but will be able to use the knowledge and skills you learn from our coaching for the rest of your life.

  • Determine what is of utmost value to you in your life and what you desire most, so that you may create a life aligned with these values and desires
  • Identify your limiting beliefs, perceptions and attitudes. Learn to become self-aware and own your ability to create powerful change.
  • Learn to love yourself as you are, while continuing to be ambitious and accomplish your goals
  • Identify where you are feeling stuck in life and learn create a sense of freedom and thriving.
  • Develop the awareness required to free yourself from inward and outward pressures to live your life a certain way so that you may instead live your life on your terms.
  • Learn the secrets to creating lasting habits and receive actionable steps to implement lifestyle design techniques that will help you create the structure necessary to enjoy freedom
  • Discover joyful discipline and techniques for living in the present and enjoying the journey
  • Develop personal responsibility and learn how to overcome resistances and pain points
  • Support and insight into developing fitness and nutrition habits that bring you pleasure, health and vitality
  • Customized workout plans.
  • Nutritional coaching including: macronutrient plans, intuitive eating coaching, education and habit based coaching.
  • Receive the guidance and support you need to create your optimal life

To apply for a consultation, or to request more information, please contact me at: