I believe the best kind of women are a mixture of charm and grit. These ladies are classy and feminine. They enjoy the finer things in life and are content with simplicity. They give love and are loved. They are kind and generous. They enjoy life and live with passion. They are charming. As much as they can charm the pants off you, these women have grit. These girls are tough and don’t take no for an answer. They go after what they want with dogged determination; nothing can stand between them and achieving their dreams. They don’t take crap from anyone. These ladies live healthy and active lifestyles, but enjoy guilt-free indulgences. They get outdoors and get dirty, but adore an evening of fine dining and ballet. An afternoon of adventure or on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea are equally alluring to them. Five star hotel or camp ground. Sneakers or stilettos. Whiskey or wine. They are a perfect dichotomy. 

Charm & Grit women are boss ladies. They are the girl in the fabulous heels, hitting the pavement, making dreams a reality. They are the gym rat grinding through tough sets with a smile on their face. They are the young girl who goes against convention and advice to travel the world and follow her dreams. They are the group of girls in the coffee shop, supporting and encouraging each other. They are the mom’s with self-made businesses. They got their stuff together, but even when they don’t, they know how to fake it till they make it. 

Charm & Grit is here to encourage you to be her. To be bold and adventurous and to challenge yourself to try new things and take risks. Defy convention and question everything; set your own rules, define your own standards. Be generous and kind to other people and animals. Eat well and be active. Live with intention and passion so you have a life that makes you feel happy, loved and fulfilled. Charm and Grit is here to inspire you to reach for the impossible and show what can be done. Charm and Grit is here to empower you to be true to yourself, live your best life and be your most authentic self. Charm and Grit is here to inform you on mindset, wellness, habit and lifestyle design so you can manifest your true desires and live by your values. Charm & Grit is here to help you live each day extraordinarily well, so that you will have a life you love.